A new song of mine for Shabbat

Because I think we could use it

Traditionally, Jews sing the “Lecha Dodi” prayer together every Friday evening to welcome the Sabbath. They won’t be able to do so the same way this week. With much of the world under lockdown, so many people are cut off from their communities and loved ones, and prayer services are happening on Zoom, if at all.

As we adjust to this solitary new normal, I wanted to do something—however small—to ease folks through this very difficult transition, wherever they may find themselves. So today, in advance of Shabbat, I’m releasing my new composition for Lecha Dodi, complete with a choral accompaniment meant to evoke our beloved communities. I hope that whether you’re familiar with the words or not, the music can bring some solace to you as it has brought to me.

You can listen to the song here:

And learn more about the album it comes from—and how you can support the music and get a copy—here:


Shabbat shalom,