Bernie Sanders, The Left, and Anti-Semitism

Our national discourse on anti-Jewish prejudice is politicized and broken. Can Sanders help fix it?

Yesterday, presidential contender Bernie Sanders published his first major foray into the subject of anti-Semitism. The piece says a lot of smart things, several essential things, and also some that are probably obvious to many who read this newsletter. What it doesn’t quite do is tackle some of the tougher questions that will be facing many politicians who want to take anti-Semitism seriously: namely, the challenge of how to confront it when it comes from your own side.

In a deep dive for Tablet, I talk about why that matters, and what Sanders and others can do to make a difference in the fight. It’s long and complicated, and I hope you'll read all of it, because the questions it grapples with aren't going away.

Read the whole thing here.

(Photo via Gage Skidmore)

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