Watch the Most Jewish Episode Ever of a TV Game Show

An Orthodox Jew went on an Australian quiz show and fielded questions about Jewish holidays. Hilarity ensued.

Some people might tell you that a quality Jewish education is its own reward. What they won’t tell you is that it can also help you win television game shows.

Hard Quiz is Australian Jeopardy with a twist. Instead of testing contestants on their knowledge of esoteric trivia, it asks them to name an area of expertise. The show’s expert researchers then attempt to stump participants in their own wheelhouse. The unusual format offers an opportunity for enterprising Hebrew school graduates, as I wrote in Tablet today:

This is how Seraphya Berrin, a modern Orthodox Jew living in Melbourne, found himself on national television being quizzed about Jewish holidays and crushing the competition. (Full disclosure: we were elementary school classmates.) Sporting a yarmulke and sandals, Berrin fielded queries about everything from Sukkot to kapparot, editorializing and bantering about Judaism along the way.

“Your expert subject is Jewish holidays,” opens the host, Tom Gleeson, “there are heaps of them, is that because you’re lazy?”

It only gets better from there. Enjoy all the amazing highlights in the video below. Consider it my holiday gift to all of you.

Chag Sameach!

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