What do you need for Passover?

Tablet is launching an initiative to distribute much-needed resources for the holiday. Here's how you can let us know what you need.

The coronavirus crisis has left many in the lurch when it comes to planning for Passover. We know that many of you are worried about the prospect of making a seder at home, cut off from your families and friends. And we want to help.

Tablet is putting together a resource-distributing project devoted to helping Jews across the country prepare for Passover and their seders. But first, we want to know what YOU need from us. Haggadahs? Kosher for Passover food? Seder supplies? How-to tutorials? Let us know through this form and we’ll be in touch soon. And if you're an outside party who wants to partner with us in providing your own resources to those in need, please also let us know there.

Please share the form widely, so that it gets to those whom we can help.

In addition, as part of the release of Tablet’s brand-new Haggadah, we’ve created a Passover portal where you can all sorts of seder content, including tips for keeping kids engaged. They even roped me into doing a cappella recordings of a couple classic seder songs.

Though my Chad Gadya doesn’t hold a candle to Jack Black’s.

Speaking of music, the crowdfunder for my original Jewish music album is one-third of the way funded. If you want to give a listen and support it, or just share the music, I’d be quite grateful.

Hope you are all well and staying safe, and that the public and health officials on this list are getting the support they need to do their jobs well. Take care — I’ll be back with another newsletter later this week.